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Who Created the Universe and Why?
Virtually every human being has pondered this question. Some answered by saying that the formation of the universe was merely a coincidence. Others felt there must be an unseen Creator

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Who Is Allah
Perhaps the word "Allah" sounds strange to your ears. Maybe you are wondering what it means or maybe you heard something about it but you are not sure. "Allah" is the name of the Creator who

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The Prophet Promised in The Bible
In examining an early book of the Old Testament, Deuteronomy, we read that Moses was given the glad tiding of a coming prophet

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Jesus and Mary in the Quran
It is unfortunate that most non-Muslims are unaware of the Muslim belief regarding Jesus and Mary. Indeed they may be shocked when they come to know it. In explaining our beliefs, we will translate the meaning of the Quranic verses which speak about Jesus and Mary.

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The Miracle
There have been numerous claims to prophet hood throughout time. Some of the claims were rightful, and others were motivated by want for power, wealth or status. How were the people of those times to know the difference? How can we tell?

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Islam Basics
To know the basics of Islam, please read The Unveiling Of Islam
Sorcerer's Plot
A video that talks about sorcery
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To know about exorcism in islam and watch videos, please click here
Marriage in Islam
For information about marriage in Islam please click here
people who embraced Islam Stories
To read stories about people who embraced Islam please click here
Nawawi's Forty Hadiths
One of the most popular compilations of Hadeeth covering major Islamic principles: Nawawi's Forty Hadiths
Islamic Photos
If you would like to see some Islamic Photos please click here

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An Untold Story
The North American public remains ignorant about Native American religions. And this, despite the fact that hundreds of books and articles have been published by anthropologists, religionists and others about native beliefs...

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